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01st Nov 2023

Friends creator remembers her final conversation with Matthew Perry before his death

Stephen Porzio

matthew perry

Marta Kauffman had spoken to the late actor just two weeks ago.

David Crane and Marta Kauffman, the creators of hit sitcom Friends, have opened up about the death of one of the show’s stars, Matthew Perry.

Perry, who played fan favourite Chandler Bing on the series, passed away at the weekend at the age of 54.

In an interview with Today, Crane and Kauffman spoke about their relationship with the actor and the impact his death has had on them.

During the conversation, Kauffman recalled the last conversation she had with Perry just two weeks ago, stating that it was “great” and that the actor was “happy and chipper.”

“He didn’t seem weighed down by anything. He was in a really good place, which is why this seems so unfair,” she added, before describing the moment she heard the news of his passing.

“I was just in utter shock. My first impulse was to text him, honestly. And then deep sadness. So much sadness.

“It’s hard to grasp. One minute he’s here and happy and then poof. And doing good in the world. Really doing good in the world.”

matthew perryFriends creator remembers her final conversation with Matthew Perry

Interviewer Hoda Kotb highlighted to the Friends creators how Perry had said a year ago while promoting his memoir about his struggles with addiction that his death would “shock” but not “surprise” people.

In response, Crane said: “I would say that’s probably true.

“Given the journey he’d been on, and we were all aware of it, there was always a part that was kind of bracing for something like this.

“It is still hard to believe because he was such a sort of alive person that it’s hard to believe he’s not here.”

Also during the conversation, Kauffman admitted that she was concerned about Perry’s health while watching the Friends reunion in 2021.

However, she added that when she spoke with Perry a fortnight ago that “he seemed better” than she had seen in a while.

“I was so thrilled to see that. He was emotionally in a good place. He looked good. He quit smoking,” the co-creator explained.

“He was sober… He learned things throughout this and what he learned more than anything is that he wants to help other addicts and it gave him purpose.”

Crane added: “That absolutely became his purpose, his reason for being.”

Closing the interview, Kauffman said of Perry’s passing: “I lost a friend in multiple ways and what’s amazing is the outpouring from the fans who lost a friend of theirs too.

“And I hope wherever he is, he feels it.”

You can watch the interview with the Friends creators right here:

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