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01st Nov 2023

One of 2023’s most shocking movies is now available to watch at home

Rory Cashin

Infinity Pool

Fair warning: this movie will absolutely NOT be for everyone.

Released in cinemas in March this year, Infinity Pool immediately left an impact with viewers, with some not taking to it quite as much as others. Some viewers even left official complaints with the cinema certificate body, stating that the film was “trying to compete with what is available on the internet for the titillation and sexual arousal of 20-year-old boys”.

It isn’t as if audiences couldn’t have been prepared, as Infinity Pool was awarded an 18 certificate, with the governing body remarking that the movie contained the following: “Strong graphic sexual scenes. Scenes of very strong violence with graphic blood and injury detail. Strong drug use. Use of strong bad language.”

The movie tells the story of a struggling writer (Alexander Skarsgard) who accidentally kills a local while on holiday in an all-inclusive resort. A fellow traveller (Mia Goth, who between this and Pearl, really made 2023 her year) informs the writer of a procedure that can create a perfect clone of him to take the fall for him, but this opens up some completely unexpected horrors ahead…

You can check out our interview with Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgard about Infinity Pool right here:

Infinity Pool features some of the most unforgettable scenes of the 21st century

The movie scored 86% with critics, but banked barely $5 million at the worldwide box office, meaning chances are VERY good that you missed this completely when it hit the big screen.

So if you’re looking for something completely different, take a look at how some of the professional critics reacted to the sci-fi horror:

Los Angeles Times – “If you’re willing to surf on the wonderfully weird and wild wavelength of Infinity Pool it is indeed a singular, and unforgettable, ride.”

The Playlist – “Infinity Pool is the kind of film that reminds you that sometimes, the best thing a filmmaker can do is take you to places you would never dream of heading without apologising for any of it.”

Consequence – “There’s just more under the hood than your typical imitators: the antic disposition of the idle rich, the way infinite money can absolve the rich of any accountability, and the ever-predatory nature of colonial tourism. Wrap it up in a package this wild, shocking, and perverse, and it makes for a delightful bloody mess that you’ll want to go back to.”

Infinity Pool is available to watch at home right now on Sky Cinema or with a NOW Cinema Membership. You can also check out our interview with the movie’s writer/director Brandon Cronenberg right here:

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