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01st Jan 2024

Brendan O’Carroll vows to keep making Mrs Brown’s Boys

Charlie Herbert


Mrs Brown’s Boys is going nowhere.

Brendan O’Carroll has promised that he will keep making episodes of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

O’Carroll created the BBC sitcom and plays the titular Mrs Brown in the show. Since it first aired in 2011, the series has become one of the most divisive comedies of recent years, building up a loyal fan base along with an equally passionate group of people who can’t stand it.

The comedy has also become a staple of festive television, with the first of two seasonal specials having been aired on Christmas Day, with the second to be shown on New Year’s Day.

As usual, the show has split opinion, particularly after the Christmas special featured a scene in which O’Carroll planted a kiss on his real-world son, Danny.

But ahead of the New Year’s episode, the series’ creator and star has refused to stop making the programme.

boysBrendan O’Carroll vows to keep making Mrs Brown’s Boys

Speaking to the Daily Star, the creator and star said: “As long as the BBC keep asking, we’ll keep making episodes.

“It’s down to what the BBC want and what we can plan around.

“We are definitely making more specials. Whether we do another full series or not depends on dates.”

The Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year special will air at 10pm on New Year’s Day on BBC One.

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