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14th Dec 2023

‘My vegan fiancé is banning meat at our wedding – I want to call it off’

Ryan Grace

‘Is it stupid to call off my wedding over a steak?’

A woman has said she is having doubts about marrying her vegan partner because he wants to ban meat from their wedding.

The anonymous bride to be said her and her fiancé have had “furious arguments” over the food, to the extent that she is “not sure I actually want to go through with it.”

In a letter to the MailOnline’s agony aunt Jane Green, the woman wrote: “My fiancé is vegan and has been since we met, which actually put me off him when we first matched on Hinge because I’m a gal with a big appetite for burgers and steak. But luckily it never got between us – even when we started cooking together at home.

Is a vegan wedding a deal-breaker?

“However, when he proposed and we started planning our wedding, he told me that he wouldn’t feel comfortable serving any meat at the reception. A lot of his family is vegan and he said that they’d be offended to even be around meat.

“It’s been a bone of contention for months now – to the point where we’ve actually gotten into screaming matches in front of the caterer because he was mad that I’d even requested to sample a meat dish.”

The woman said it made no sense to her because her husband-to-be allows meat in the house. She added that her friends and family would be “miserable” at the idea of attending a vegan dinner.

She finished by saying: “The stubborn way that he’s dealt with this whole thing is giving me really cold feet – I’ve seen another side to him during this whole process that I didn’t realize existed before, and I’m terrified that I’ve made a huge mistake and agreed to marry the wrong guy.

“But is it stupid to call off my wedding over a steak!?”

In her response, Jane said whilst it would be “short-sighted” to call off the wedding over a steak, this could be a “signifier of bigger issues.”

The agony aunt said her fiancé’s veganism wasn’t an issue, but that his unwillingness to compromise was.

She added that she was “struggling to understand the reasoning behind his intransigence,” and that the couple need to “get to the bottom” of the problem.

Jane finished by saying: “This wedding is about both of you, and both of you have equal needs. Should he not have any willingness to compromise, I would suggest that you may have discovered his fatal flaw.

“Be very grateful to have discovered it before you got married rather than after.

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