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05th Dec 2023

GTA 6 fans furious as Rockstar announces game won’t be released until 2025

Charlie Herbert

‘I was 11 years old when GTA 5 dropped I’ll be 23 turning 24 when this eventually drops’

Gaming fans have been sharing their reactions to the confirmation of GTA 6’s release date.

GTA 6 has reportedly been in development for years, and last month the game’s producers, Rockstar Games, confirmed the first trailer for the highly-anticipated game would be arriving in early December to mark the company’s 25th anniversary.

The trailer was initially meant to be released this afternoon, but on Monday (December 4) the trailer was leaked online, prompting Rockstar to unveil it 15 hours earlier than planned.

Since it was released, the trailer has already racked up 44.7m views at the time of writing.

Although it doesn’t feature any gameplay, we do get to see some stunning shots of Vice City, some pretty impressive-looking graphics and an introduction to the game’s female lead character Lucia.

But along with the excitement the trailer has prompted, fans have also been left fuming at the news that the game won’t be arriving until 2025.

Yep, we’ve got to wait more than a year before we can cause mayhem in Vice City again.

There was no confirmation from Rockstar about when in 2025 the game will be released. So we could be waiting just over a year if the game is released at the start of the year – or we could have a two year wait if it doesn’t arrive until December 2025.

Fans took to social media to share their reaction to the news of a 2025 release, which was a combination of anger and pretty funny memes.

One person wrote: “Was expecting a 2024 release, but I guess we have to wait until 2025 now. More waiting.”

Someone else commented: “Sucks we have to wait until 2025 but maybe I’ll be able to afford a PS5 by then.”

Others tried to be a bit more optimistic about things, with one fan writing: “GTA VI looks incredible. 2025 seems like a long time away but it’ll fly past!”

And for some, the 2025 release date was simply made them feel old.

One wrote: “2025?!!?? Really… I was 11 years old when GTA 5 dropped I’ll be 23 turning 24 when this eventually drops.”

And a second penned: “I was 5 years old playing San Andreas, 14 when GTA V dropped and i’ll be 26 by the time GTA VI drops in 2025.”

Time waits for no man.