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04th Apr 2024

Almost 90% of drivers say LED headlights are too bright and pose a danger to others

Nina McLaughlin

They’re causing chaos on the roads, according to reports.

The vast majority of drivers in the UK think that LED headlights are too bright, ITV reports.

A new study found that 85 per cent of people on the road think that headlight glare is getting worse, with a whopping 89% saying that LED lights are too bright.

LED lights have become increasingly popular on new cars, as they have replaced traditional halogen bulbs.

However, the LED bulbs give a more focused beam, which is good news for the driver of the car as it gives them a better view.

For everyone else on the road, though, it seems to hinder their driving ability.

The study, which was commissioned by the RAC, found that two-thirds of those on the road say the brightness of the lights forces them to slow down.

While 64% said that LED headlights are so bright they can cause accidents.

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