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03rd Apr 2024

One of the most stressful thriller movies of the decade has just been added to Netflix

Stephen Porzio

Featuring a massive rising star in the lead role, the nail-biter of a film has a 94% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Netflix has just added Emily the Criminal, the acclaimed 2022 crime thriller movie starring Aubrey Plaza, to its library.

The feature film debut of writer-director John Patton Ford, Plaza stars in the film as the title character who is a woman saddled with student debt and locked out of the job market due to a minor criminal record.

“Desperate for income, she takes a shady gig as a ‘dummy shopper’, buying goods with stolen credit cards supplied by a handsome and charismatic middleman named Youcef (Theo Rossi),” the plot synopsis reads.

“Faced with a series of dead-end job interviews, Emily soon finds herself seduced by the quick cash and illicit thrills of black-market capitalism, and increasingly interested in her mentor Youcef. Together, they hatch a plan to bring their business to the next level in Los Angeles.”

Also featuring amongst its cast Gina Gershon, Emily the Criminal earned rave reviews upon release and currently holds a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

In particular, the film was praised for its social commentary, its taut screenplay and its against-type dramatic performance from the usually comedic Plaza.

You can read a sample of some glowing reviews for the movie right here:

AV Club: “A spare but riveting thriller about the lengths an individual might go to to fight back against a f****d-up yet all-too-real system.”

Detroit News: “An intense drama rife with social commentary about the fraying edges of today’s world and the tiny push it takes to send someone over the line.”

Empire: “As neatly set-up as the world of the film is, it wouldn’t work half as well without Aubrey Plaza’s brilliantly specific lead performance, portraying Emily as an emotionally shut-down woman on the edge.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “Emily the Criminal is a nail-biter that makes the most of the tough side Aubrey Plaza has shown in even her most comic performances.”

The Observer: “Emily is Plaza’s Michael Corleone, a character who erodes your sympathies so slowly that you almost don’t notice what’s becoming of her — or perhaps, what she always was.”

Emily the Criminal is streaming on Netflix in Ireland, the UK and the US right now.

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