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06th Nov 2023

Fans praise Logan Paul he ‘saved a wrestler’s life’ during WWE match

Charlie Herbert

Logan Paul

‘He saved Rey’s life’

Logan Paul has been praised after he appeared to save Rey Mysterio from serious injury during their battle for the WWE US Championship.

The YouTuber was taking on Mysterio at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on Saturday (November 4) and managed to pull off his first major wrestling by taking the Hall of Famer’s belt.

But it wasn’t just his victory that drew praise from wrestling fans, with many noticing a dramatic moment from the fight which saved Mysterio from a potentially catastrophic injury.

As the SmackDown star jumped off the second rope to perform a Springboard Moonsault and take down Paul, he misjudged the stunt and was about to land head-first onto the mat.

Noticing this, a quick-thinking Paul jumped in to catch the 48-year-old in mid-air, allowing Mysterio to put his hands down and recover.

The influencer was brought to his knees as he carried the weight of his rival, before standing up and slamming his rival to the ground.

Sharing a clip of the incident on X, one user said Paul had “literally saved Rey Mysterio from serious injury.”

Another person shared a different angle of the moment, asking: “Did Logan just save Rey here?”

Praising Paul, one person said: “He saved Rey’s life.”

Another commented: “Fair play Logan, that could have been bad for Rey.”

A third wrote: “Logan Paul’s ring awareness was so good here. Fans can hate the character but gotta respect Paul the wrestler for saving Rey from severe injury.”

And another else said: “That was amazing, serious athleticism to catch him like that so low down and prevent him getting injured. Well played both men.”

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