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01st Feb 2024

Man divides opinion after saying he refuses to tip anymore

Callum Boyle

He believes they shouldn’t get them for doing their job.

More often than not, after going out for a meal you feel inclined to leave the staff a little tip to acknowledge their hard work to make your experience the best one.

Some people also decide not to do so but one person has divided opinion after revealing that he always refuses to tip

Not only does he refuse, he also feels that the majority of servers actually deserve “20 per cent” or “25 per cent” anymore anyway.


#tips are for cows and canoes

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Dustin Anderson explained on his TikTok page back in November why he no longer accepts tips.

“It used to be you give a tip if someone gave exceptional service,” he said. “When was the last time you got exceptional service anywhere? It’s just expected.

“They bring you the bill at the end of the meal and they’re like, ‘Here just fill this out’. Like 20 percent, 25 percent.

“And it’s like, no, you did your job. They made food, you carried it to my table. You got me a Diet Coke, thank you, that was your job.”

Anderson ended his rant by saying: “You don’t get 25 per cent because you did your job.”

Unsurprisingly, the claim caused widespread debate across social media. One person agreed, saying: “I don’t mind tipping at restaurants but at subway, the car wash, bars, nail salons… it’s out of hand everywhere.

“Yeeees!!! Tipping is OUT OF CONTROL,” wrote a second.

“Especially when ordering take out! I dont get it..I’m not tipping for walking in and picking up my food,” added a third.

Some disagreed meanwhile. “Tell your server at the restaurant you’re not tipping when you get to the table and see what happens,” one person replied.

“I don’t think anyone should comment on tipping a server unless they’ve worked in the service industry,” commented another.

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