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27th Jul 2023

Man who spent €14k to become a dog scares real dogs in the street

Steve Hopkins

Man dog

He took himself for a walk in the park but didn’t make a lot of friends.

A man who spent almost €14,000 transforming himself into a dog has left his kennel to see what sort of reaction he gets on the street.

The YouTuber, known only as Toco, started making headlines for his barking-mad antics last year and has since been posting video updates showing him effectively living life as a rough collie.

“I became a rough collie because I wanted to be an animal. From now on I’m thinking of uploading videos at my own pace,” the Japanese resident explained in an introductory video.

In his latest video, Toco takes to the streets to see how his dog costume goes down with other K9s and passersby.

People seemed to be pretty impressed with the man-pooch, marvelling at his dog suit, but his four-legged friends really didn’t know what to make of him.

One dog is seen in the video, posted last Friday, pulling at his leash to get away from Toco. The dog’s owner can be heard saying, “He’s scared. He’s scared.”

A couple of other pooches initially seem apprehensive around Toco, they don’t seem overly bothered when their owners pick them up to pose for pictures with Toco.

Toco has previously explained he dreamt of becoming an animal since he was a child. When I fulfilled that dream this is how it turned out. I’ve wanted to be an animal ever since I can remember.”

Toco chose to be a collie because the animal is his “favourite breed”. “I am particularly fond of cute quadrupedal animals,” he explained.

“The fact that the size gap with humans is not large was also a deciding factor.”

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