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26th May 2024

Man who won lottery bought houses for five friends but no longer speaks to them

Callum Boyle

Man lottery

Money doesn’t always buy happiness.

A man who won £11m on the lottery has admitted he is now “suspicious of people’s intentions” after he bought five houses for people he no longer speaks to.

Mark Gardiner hit the front page after he and his friend won £22,590,829 together on the lottery.

The pair split the winnings and Gardiner has treated himself to his fair share, including a place in Barbados, a Harley-Davidson, two Mercedes and two football clubs.

But while he treated himself, Gardiner was just as generous with his friends and chose to spend £500,000 on five houses for friends.

There’s an old saying that money can’t buy happiness and in this case, it seems to be right. Gardiner admitted in 2005 that “there are days when I curse my win and wish I’d never got involved.”

He also admitted that since his big win, he has lost contact with some of his closest family and friends.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “I spent £500,000 buying five friends houses when I won. Do you think they are still my friends? Like hell.

“Not one speaks to me. Having so much money has made me suspicious of people’s intentions. It’s horrible, but when someone’s being nice then it does cross my mind what they are up to.”

Gardiner also revealed that he has received letters from people asking him for money.

“Sometimes I think it would have been better to have won a much smaller amount. I love going somewhere where no one knows me and I can be a normal person,” he added.

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