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02nd Jan 2024

Ricky Gervais tells joke even he thinks is ‘too offensive’ during Netflix special

Charlie Herbert

He didn’t take much convincing to tell the joke.

Ricky Gervais decided to tell a joke that even he thought was “too offensive” during his new Netflix special.

Armageddon was released on the streaming platform on Christmas Day and is full of everything you’d expect from a Gervais stand-up special.

The special features some controversial jokes that have divided opinion, with one joke even prompting a petition for Netflix to remove it from the show.

But it seems like Gervais didn’t think this was the most outrageous joke from the set, as there was one that he claimed to have thought of on the spot and initially didn’t want to tell because he thought it was “too offensive.”

Spoiler alert: he decided to tell it anyway.

During his performance, Gervais told the audience: “I just thought of a joke then, I can’t do it, it is actually too offensive.”

After a split second of being urged by the crowd to tell the joke though, he says: “Alright, I’ll do it, but remember you can’t choose your own thoughts, and I just had this thought.

“Ok, Chinese paedophile goes after a little Chinese kid and goes ‘Do you want a puppy?’ and the kid goes ‘I’m not hungry’.”

The gag got a big laugh from the audience, who lapped up Gervais’ ‘edgy’ material.

Along with jokes about terminally ill children and the Chinese, Gervais also took a dig at James Corden in his show.

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