Worker quits six-figure job because they were asked to return to the office full-time 1 month ago

Worker quits six-figure job because they were asked to return to the office full-time

‘I know how to do my job – I don’t need to be in the office.’

A woman has revealed that she decided to quit her “over a $100,000-per-year” job because her employer demanded she comes back to the office full-time.


Working from home became the norm for most workers during the Covid pandemic, and even now things are largely back to normal, many workplaces still offer employees the chance to work from home at least a couple of days a week, and you can find a lot of jobs that are fully remote as well.

But some have decided that the best thing for staff is that they all return to the office for five days a week, in the hopes that this will improve productivity.

This was enough of a reason for one worker in the US to hand in her notice though.

Felicia, 53, worked as an administrator in Arizona on a six-figure salary. Until recently, she only had to go into the office for two days a week and could work from home for the other three days – something she described as the “perfect” setup.


Speaking to Insider, Felicia said she found she got “a lot more done” on the days she worked from home as in the office there were too many “distractions and interruptions.”

She added: “I was going home and working four hours because I couldn’t get the work done.”

Her company decided that everyone needed to be in five days a week though.

Although Felicia persevered with the job for another month after this, she eventually decided she would instead look for something else that didn’t require a full-time office presence.


Recalling the moment she knew it wasn’t working for her, she said: “I know how to do my job. I don’t need to be in an office to do my work.

“I just knew I didn’t want to go back to what it felt like before.”

She went on: “I just got to the point where it just wasn’t working for me.

“And I walked away from over a $100,000-per-year salary to seek positions with hybrid options so that I can have that work-life balance.”


Felicia said she wasn’t the only one who left the place of work because of the office mandate, and that others left so they could work somewhere remotely.

She has no regrets either and says she’d even be willing to take a lower-paid job if it offered her hybrid working.

“The payoff is the driving and the traffic and the stress of being on the road five days per week versus being able to do the very same work and more from the convenience of the hybrid option,” she said.

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