COMPETITION: Win five tickets to the opening night of The Nightmare Realm 4 years ago

COMPETITION: Win five tickets to the opening night of The Nightmare Realm

Brought to you by The Nightmare Realm

Think you can you handle it?


It's that wonderful time of year again where everyone is looking to find the best place to get the living bejaysus scared out of them. Look no further than The Nightmare Realm, returning to the RDS from Friday, 5 October to terrify the people of Dublin until Friday, 2 November.

Unless they decide to stay longer, then God have mercy on us all...

The despicable team at The Nightmare Realm promise to push you well outside your comfort zone through their mastery of the art of fear. If you think you have the mettle to make it through the Nightmare Realm without screaming like a baby, it's their job to prove you wrong.

What to expect


The theme for this year is "Witches Children," which will be every bit as terrifying as it sounds for anyone brave enough to enter.

Not that you'll be able to see that far ahead, but danger lurks behind every corner. From a cabin in the woods inhabited by ancient Celtic witches to the murder houses of crazed little children, it isn't for the faint-hearted!

There will be different events taking place every week to keep you guessing if you've been before. There will be everything from Freaky Fridays to Gorlesque nights, as well as a teen hour every Friday and Saturday from 6-7 pm, and Student Slasher nights on Wednesday with €15 tickets.


How to enter

If you fancy a stroll with four of your mates through Molly's Murder House, The Witches Hovel, and Smilers Abattoir, just answer the question below and fill in the form.

We will not be held responsible for any bodily fluids lost as a result of The Nightmare Realm...

Fill out my online form.

The Nightmare Realm takes place at the RDS Dublin from October 5 to November 4. Go to The Nightmare Realm website for more information and the best ticket rates, or their Facebook and Twitter if you want to follow them instead of letting them follow you. Strictly over 13s.

Brought to you by The Nightmare Realm