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13th Nov 2013

[CLOSED] Fancy winning a grand’s worth of Snickers Workwear? Then get in here now

If you're going to get down and dirty, you may as well do it in the best gear around.


Is it a bird, is it a plane?… It’s former spark and Snickers founder Matti Viio, testing his latest workplace safety harness… over New York!

In 1973, just a year before Abba bagged the Eurovision singing Waterloo and ushered in the relentless march of flared trousers, somewhere in Sweden, an electrician called Matti Viio was having a bad day.

Matti was about to blow a fuse, because his work clothes were shoddy and made of shockingly low standard materials. There was no durability, no functionality or protection and no understanding in their design of the unique demands of different craftsmen.

Angered by indifference to his needs and those of fellow sparks, brickies, chippies, plumbers and metal/glass workers, Matti got switched-on to designing his own superior, quality work clothing, known today as the Snickers Workwear brand, part of the Hultafors Group.

From the launch of his first one-piece trousers in 1973, Snickers Workwear has been a leading innovator in comfort and safety lead workwear. Every article of clothing has built-in protection, durability and functionality… and a nod to the fashionable if sales to women are anything to go by!

The Snickers range of outdoor work wear now includes everything from; fleece hoodies and head gear, weatherproof jackets and heavy-duty trousers with kneepads, to their latest innovation; Multi-functional Gloves.  Not only are they engineered for superior fit, dexterity, and protection, but now gloves can be bought one-by-one and left or right depending, literally, on the task in hand. See the range at

In 1973 Matti Viio took things into his own hands because he had a bad day, but hey, look what happened… and a year later Swedish glamour model Victoria Silvstedt was born…Things were looking up! So remember, before anything gets hammered, screwed or laid, enter the competition and get your hands on €1,000 RRP worth of Snickers Workwear and just answer the following question.

The following T&C’s apply;

– The prize is €1000 RRP INC VAT worth of Workwear garments.
– Prize can only be redeemed at Snickers Workwear, Unit B5 Calmount Business Park, Ballymount, Dublin 12.
– Prize expires 31st January 2014 / No cash alternative.

*by entering you consent to Snickers Workwear contacting you with further promotional offers.