Here's how to join our brand-new "JOE X Guinness Time" WhatsApp group 6 months ago

Here's how to join our brand-new "JOE X Guinness Time" WhatsApp group

We've teamed up with Guinness to give away loads of free stuff in our WhatsApp group, what more do you need to know?

WhatsApp can be a strange thing. On the one hand it's a revolutionary app that lets us communicate with loved ones all over the world, on the other it's a great platform to share GIFs of cats.

It's all part of the experience really.

Wouldn't it be great though if on top of these notifications, we got one from Guinness letting us know that we've just won a free pint? By filling out the form below, that's exactly what may happen.

Here are some of the fantastic prizes you could get your hands on:

Any messages you receive from us will tell you exactly what you need to do to redeem a prize, but it'll all be pretty straightforward!

For example, you could get a message about there being a free pint up for grabs in a specific pub for any group members who reply to their message with a #GuinnessTime GIF.

We'll be creating four different groups, one for each province, each with their own unique prizes and giveaways. Don't worry about getting countless notifications from everyone else in the group though, as you'll only be hearing from us.

Whether you're out with your work mates or chilling with friends, set your watch to #GuinnessTime.

Fill in the form below to apply, and click here if it's not displaying correctly. Full Terms & Conditions.

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