19 things from your childhood that you’ve probably forgotten 5 years ago

19 things from your childhood that you’ve probably forgotten

Brought to you by the Credit Union. 

Back in the day...


It's hard to beat a bit of nostalgia every now and then. The Credit Union recently launched a Credit Reunion campaign to reunite people with their Credit Union accounts.

That got us thinking about other things from our past that we've forgotten. How many of these do you remember?

1. Waiting until 6pm for the internet


Internet wasn’t always affordable. You could financially ruin the entire family if you logged on before 6pm back in the day.

2. ...or waiting for someone to get off the phone to use the internet

Nothing worse.


3. Blowing into game cartridges

Few technical fixes have a 100% record but this never failed.

4. Pressing a key four times to get a single letter in a text


Text messages used to take longer than Morse code before predictive text. You might have to hit a key 15 times to spell a five letter word. Never mind the sheer rage when you accidentally went past a letter…

5. Using a Discman

The least portable, portable music system ever. It was too big for all your pockets, only able to hold a single album and it would skip if you moved your body.


6. Spelling boobs with a calculator


7. VHS warnings about piracy

It was a simpler time. If only they knew what was coming in a few years!

8. Tamagotchi

This digital pet basically taught you that everything dies, no matter how much you love it. So that was fun.

9. Climbing doorways

Every doorframe in the house was Everest, the North Pole or the Antarctic – only there to be conquered.

10. Floppy discs

You know that save icon on your computer? This is where that came from.  They were handy, as long as whatever you wanted to save wasn’t bigger than a large spreadsheet.

11. Paper fortune tellers

This was like some kind of origami witchcraft when you were a kid. Just watching someone make one was enough to blow your mind.

12. Dropping rental videos back

For some reason, you always seemed to be rushing to drop it back before the deadline. Nobody wanted to pay two days rental.

13. Getting the RTE guide at Christmas

Every year, without fail.

14. The sound of dial-up internet

It sounded like a whale using a vocoder. Either that or the last thing you’ll hear before the robots wipe out humanity.

15. Developing photos

Long, long ago, people used to actually get photographs developed. Mostly to see if any of them were any good. They generally weren’t.

16. Remembering phone numbers

Things for your childhood you've probably forgotten

Nowadays, you can barely remember their girlfriend/boyfriend’s number. 20 years ago, you knew the phone number of all your friends, neighbours and family off by heart.

17. Playstation memory cards

Remember the pain of choosing which save to delete when your card was full and knowing that you’d never get it back?

18. Checking Aertel for live football scores

Things for your childhood you've probably forgotten

..and constantly refreshing the page.

19. Finding your way around before Google Maps

Things for your childhood you've probably forgotten

We're amazed that anyone got anywhere.

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Brought to you by the Credit Union.