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06th Jun 2018

21 problems that kids today will never have to struggle with


1. Choosing one of your saves to delete every time your memory card got full and feeling like you’d lost part of your soul.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Or alternatively, just buying loads and loads of memory cards and always forgetting which games you had saved on which card.


2. Having to press a key up to four times to get a single letter while texting.

Image: Twitter: @opreaadrian

Honestly kids today will just never know the struggle.


3. Your portable Discman being way too big to actually be portable.

Image: imgur

And having to listen to the same songs over and over again unless you were willing to carry your entire CD library around with you.


4. Losing your internet connection every time someone else in the house used the phone.

Image: Twitter: @tweetalleymedia

Especially since it took about five minutes to actually connect to your broadband every time anyway.


5. Having to save your work on a floppy disk and then remember to bring it into school the next day.

Image: Wikipedia

There are kids today who have no idea what the “save” icon on a computer is actually based on.


6. Being able to fix any game by blowing into the cartridge and trying it again.

Image: Twitter: @BasicBec

Didn’t work? You must have not been blowing hard enough.


7. Accidentally clicking the internet button on your phone and having to exit as quickly as possible because it cost like £1 a minute.

Image: Twitter: @usedphones987

“Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!”


8. Listening to something really embarrassing only to realise it was displaying on your MSN “What I’m Listening To” and all your friends could see it.

Image: Twitter: @marLennee_

Or even worse: the person you fancied seeing it, especially since you’d been logging in and out continually in the hope they’d notice you.


9. That one friend who just Would. Not. Stop with the nudges


Just get the message, yeah?


10. Having to print out directions before going anywhere because Google Maps didn’t exist.

Image: Twitter: @Ibrahimm_9

If we still had to do this we would all probably have got lost and died on a night out many years ago.


11. Only being able to take selfies in the mirror with a digital camera because your phone didn’t have a camera.


The word selfie didn’t even exist back then.


12. Having absolutely no clue how to play Solitaire, but doing it anyway because there were no other games.

Image: Microsoft

Hands up anyone else who has never ever completed a game of computer solitaire.


13. Someone booting you out of their MySpace top eight.

Image: MySpace

Obviously then you had to kick them out of yours too.


14. Having to buy one of these if you wanted to play games with more than one friend.


And then always forgetting which part of the split screen you were and crashing into walls.


15. Someone nicking the ball out of your mouse, which stopped you using your whole computer.


The best way to troll your mates during IT – never got old.


16. Loading an Encarta disk into your computer to look anything up because Google wasn’t a thing.


Remember when you couldn’t just settle an argument by googling the answer?


17. Downloading a song from Limewire to find out it’s actually just a really shit homemade cover version.

Image: Limewire

Or worse – a trojan virus.


18. Getting new ringtones by recording them off your CD player.

Image: Twitter: @Live_2learn

And having to start all over again if someone came in and interrupted the recording.


19. Running out of credit in the middle of an important conversation and having to go out and buy a top up card before you could text back.


Your parents would probably only let you have a certain amount a month which meant sometimes you’d go days and days without a working phone.


20. Not being allowed to use Facebook because you could only get an account if you were a uni student.

Image: Facebook

It seemed so, SO confusing when you first got it, especially compared to MySpace and Bebo.


21. Renting the same game from Blockbuster every weekend for months so that you could finally complete it.

Image: eBay

But also, kids will never get the thrill of going into Blockbuster and knowing you could have any game in there. RIP to one of the world’s greatest places.