These 3 county accents are the most difficult to understand 1 year ago

These 3 county accents are the most difficult to understand

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Did your county make the list?

For such a small country, Ireland has a phenomenal variety of accents. Even just an hour's drive from Limerick to Galway or from Cavan to Westmeath will show you what we mean.

Not all of those accents are very easy to understand though. There are some counties in the Republic Of Ireland where you could probably do with having an interpreter with you who can understand what everyone is saying to you.

County accents

County accents that are the most difficult to understand

Coming in as the most difficult county accent to understand is none other than Donegal! Finer folk you could never find, but it seems that many of us are struggling to understand what people are saying up in the hills of Donegal.

The results are off the back of research conducted by Huawei, the world's second largest smartphone company. According to their survey, over 19% of people thought Donegal was deserving of the crown of ineligible counties.

Coming in at second place was the Rebel County of Cork, followed by their neighbours of County Kerry. They took in just over 13% and 9% of the votes, respectively.

The research also went as far as the most difficult Irish names to pronounce, and commonly mispronounced brands. Seeing as their own brand name is often mispronounced (it's pronounced "Wah-Way," by the way), you can't blame them for trying to get to the bottom of these things!

Check out the full results of their research.

County accents

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