5 random people you have definitely bumped into on a night out 7 years ago

5 random people you have definitely bumped into on a night out

As far as JOE is concerned, the best plan to have on a night out is no plan. Let the randomness of the universe take you where it will and just enjoy yourself. Anything can happen and you could meet anyone...

We've teamed up with Jameson to celebrate the pursuit of a great night out with this selection of people we have all definitely bumped into while out on the tiles.


Old school friend

You haven't seen this person in 10 years. Not to worry, as the two of you fall into the old conversations and in-jokes straight away. Let's just hope he never finds out you kissed his sister or you might get this reaction.


Closely followed by this one...



The ex

Yeah, she looks good and that guy on her arm does look successful... but can he dance like this?



Former teacher/ lecturer

The awkwardness that ensues as soon as the two of you meet is undeniable. But once they realise there are no papers to correct and you realise that you don't have to put your hand up to ask a question, everything settles down into a fun-filled evening.




The last time you saw this workmate they were staring out the window wistfully after just going through the November reports. Now they're walking into the club like they own the place with several supermodels on their arm... No wonder they always look so tired and act incredibly cranky on a Monday.


A long lost family member

You remember this cousin as a spotty teenager. Not as a 27-year-old accountant challenging you to a dance off in the middle of the nightclub. Things change quickly...




So there you have it. If you haven't met these people on a night out yet then you can make a safe bet that you will sometime in the future - even if you don't want to...

Heading out this weekend? With Jameson you’ll be ready for whatever the weekend has in store.

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