9 simple ways to save money when you go back to college 6 years ago

9 simple ways to save money when you go back to college

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College is back and that means that spare cash will be something that happens to other people for the next eight or nine months. Especially if you’re trying to maintain a social life!

Sure, you’ll think that you’re rich when the grant comes in but it won’t last long if you don’t balance the books. So here are a few top tips to help you make that cash last.

1. Cook communal dinners


Taking it in turns to cook meals for the house has a few advantages. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk and you won’t eat as much processed food. Plus you only have to cook every couple of days, which is a handy bonus. If your housemates can barely boil an egg, simply cook your own meals in bulk and refrigerate or freeze the extra portions!

2. Always look out for bargains

One of the best things about student life is student discounts. The “reduced” section in the supermarket will also be your new best friend and you should stock up on the basics if they’re on special offer. Your other big investment will be books (especially if your parents ask!). Try to buy online or in second hand shops to avoid forking out for pricey new textbooks.


3. Get a job

This works on two levels. Firstly, you’re making money. Yay! The benefits of that are self-evident. However, you can’t spend money if you’re making money. So working not only boosts your bank balance but it also reduces the amount of spare time you have to blow your weekly budget on cans or takeaways.

4. Compare prices for utilities


OK, so nobody ever sat down and said “What I’d love to do now is compare the price plans of different internet and electricity providers.” Still, shopping around for utilities can save you a fortune over a year. Don’t be afraid to play hardball and cancel existing plans. Sometimes just the threat of switching can get you a better deal from your provider.

5. Make packed lunches

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That cosy coffee shop down the road may do amazing lunches but eating out will quickly burn a hole in your weekly budget. You’d be surprised at how much you’ll save by bringing a packed lunch to college, even if it’s only a couple of days a week. It’s a game of fine margins if you want to fund that Thursday night out!


6. Avoid credit cards

It may seem like a good idea at the time but credit cards can be dangerous. You might think that you’re finally embracing adulthood with that shiny new addition in your wallet. Still, many a well-intentioned student ended up with a crippling debt as a result of that innocent-looking card.

7. Get a bike

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OK, so this won’t be much fun when it’s raining but you can save a chunk of change by cycling to college instead of getting public transport. Or if your college to too far away to cycle, check out Student Leap Cards or other student discounts on transport.

8. Make a budget and stick to it

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More than one student has blown their entire grant payment in a week and then wallowed in regret for the rest of the term. The best way to make your money stretch is to set a weekly budget and stick to it. Sure, that can be a drag but so is eating noodles and beans for months on end.

9. Experiment with brands

Look for savings on basic items where you can find them and don’t be afraid to try supermarket brands or alternatives to what your parents buy. You might even find you prefer the "cheaper" option.  A few cents here and there may not seem like much but it all adds up.

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