A €1 million lotto ticket was sold in Mayo on Thursday 3 years ago

A €1 million lotto ticket was sold in Mayo on Thursday

Get checking those tickets.

January can be a bit of a rough time of year when it comes to trying to save some money.


Chances are you've spent a fortune over Christmas and you haven't got too much money to your name.

Well, that's certainly not going to be an issue for one person in Mayo this week.

Residents of Foxford in Co. Mayo have been urged to check their lottery tickets following a top prize win of €1 million in today's 2pm Daily Million draw.

The winning Quick Pick ticket was sold on Thursday at the Foxford Post Office in Foxford village which is situated 16 km south of Ballina in Co. Mayo.


Pat Gannon who is the Postmaster of Foxford Post Office has spoken of his delight at the big Daily Million win in Foxford.

He said: "We are absolutely thrilled. I know the entire town will be over the moon with this persons win. €1 million is a huge amount of money but this will be absolutely life-changing for one lucky person in a small village like Foxford."

So get checking!

It's been a good couple of days for Lotto players in Ireland. Just last Sunday, one player in Kerry was told he won a total of €289,861 while he was in Sunday Mass.