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08th Mar 2015

Aldi plan to roll out a free shuttle bus service for every college campus

Now THIS is excellent marketing

Tony Cuddihy

Now THIS is excellent marketing.

Aldi are planning to extend their shuttle bus services to every college in Ireland before the end of 2015.

A trial service at the Institute of Technology Sligo proved massively popular last year, and now the German supermarket chain is planning to provide students with free transportation to and from their stores across Ireland by the end of the year.

The service is currently operating in UCD, Trinity, Limerick and DCU and is heading to Dundalk Institute of Technology by the end of this week.

“[We] sees students as an important demographic and to that end it decided to look at helping them with their weekly shop by putting on a bus service that brings them to and from their nearest store,” an Aldi spokesperson told the Sunday Times.

Aldi have long since recognised the important role they play in college life – offering simple recipe tips to students on their website and giving food budgeting tips.

H/T Darren Creaven

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