Are you a victim of domestic abuse? Break Your Silence 8 years ago

Are you a victim of domestic abuse? Break Your Silence

Domestic violence can and does happen to men.

That is part of the message AMEN are trying to get across in their new 'Break Your Silence' awareness campaign.


The 'Break Your Silence' campaign aims to encourage male victims of domestic abuse to speak out and break their silence by talking to a friend, family member, someone they trust or Amen Support Services Ltd.

AMEN supports male victims of domestic abuse by providing information on the options and legal remedies available to them. It is expected that this campaign will empower more men experiencing domestic abuse to contact the AMEN helpline and hopefully, begin to tackle their difficult situation constructively.

Victims have revealed that sharing details of the abuse suffered can often be a source of relief and offers much needed support. In 2013, AMEN received over 4,000 helpline calls, with over 1,000 new men seeking assistance.

For many of these men, speaking to AMEN was the first crucial step to possible safety for them and their families.


Through this campaign, AMEN is aiming to inform men that, should they be in an abusive relationship, they are not alone. Domestic abuse happens to men from all cultures and every walk of life. AMEN want to reassure all male victims of domestic abuse that “We hear you. And we’re here for you”.

AMEN is an organisation, which provides a confidential helpline, information and support service for male victims of domestic abuse.You can contact AMEN by calling their helpline: 046 9023 718 or
(This awareness campaign is funded by Cosc – National office for the prevention of domestic, sexual and gender based violence)
For further information, visit AMEN's website here.