WATCH: This is the best/worst best man wedding speech of all time 5 years ago

WATCH: This is the best/worst best man wedding speech of all time

This had the potential to go very wrong.

The best man role is a coveted position that a person should be very privileged to get.


However, with it comes some amount of responsibility. You basically have to be at the groom's service at all times before and during the wedding.

You have to organise the stag party (which to be fair, you quite enjoyed doing and were very proud of) but you are also at the forefront when it comes to tackling a load of boring wedding stuff with the groom.

Your job only gets slightly easier once the wedding band begins playing music because whether it's before, during or after the dinner, the best man speech is one of the most critical moments of the big day.

You're all on your own up there and you have to try and make hundreds of people laugh and put them in good humour for the night ahead.


There's nothing worse than the silence following a shite speech.

While some people look to advice from friends who have taken on the role before, others think it's better to just rely on their own memory and personal experiences with the groom.

However, Thom decided to take a rather different approach to the art of the best man speech and got in touch with Pornhub to help him out with his words.

According to Refinery29, he thought it would be a fantastic idea to collect data from the website about his friend and groom Danny and his browsing history and compile it all together into one big wedding video.


The video shows that the groom logs onto the website a lot and has done so in many countries across the world.

It was a very risky and special wedding edition of Russian Roulette but luckily for Thom, all of the guests attending the wedding saw the funny side of it, especially the bride.

In case you couldn't see it properly, here's a close-up of the video.