Body and Soul checklist: Things you 100% need to enjoy the festival weekend 5 years ago

Body and Soul checklist: Things you 100% need to enjoy the festival weekend

Brought to you by Bulmers.

Always be prepared.


The summer festival season is in full swing and Body & Soul is in full swing. Maybe you're lucky enough to be going along this weekend? In which case, you can look forward to a spectacular line-up that includes music from the likes of Sleaford Mods and Bonobo, an eclectic line-up at the Bulmers Lounge, fantastic performance art, plenty of amazing alternative experiences and so much more.

We all have one friend who rocks up to three-day festivals with nothing more than a ticket, a wallet and an unbridled sense of optimism that it will all work out. He may be your buddy but he’s definitely not a role model.

Any festival weekend can be improved with a little bit of judicious packing. It may seem like overkill when you’re filling up a rucksack with odds and ends but it’s better than regretting the things that you didn’t bring.

Toilet paper


Come Sunday, the toilet roll in your bag will be the only thing separating you from the animals. We all know there's a 0% chance that there'll be any left in the portaloos.



There's nothing worse than landing at a festival and realising you forgot your toothbrush or toothpaste. That fresh mouth feeling will leave you feeling at least 32% better than you would with a furry tongue and last-night breath.

Wet wipes

Even if there are showers, this is an essential component to feeling slightly more human when you crawl out of a sun-battered tent with mild heat exhaustion. A quick wipe will also make you 80% more attractive to potential squeezes.


Waterproof clothing

Well, it is Ireland so you can assume that there's a 98% chance of rain. It’s hard to beat that bulletproof feeling you get in your waterproofs as you look around at everyone else getting battered by the inevitable sideways rain.

Sun cream


This may seem optimistic but it will pay off if the sun comes out. Standing in the sun for eight hours will take its toll on anyone and around 37% of Irish people have inherited the sunburn gene.

A decent tent

Ah, there’s nothing like sleeping under the stars. Although, you could probably have been sleeping under canvas if the tent you bought for €10 in a pound shop had lasted more than one night. There's a 90% chance you'll regret skimping on your home investment for the weekend.

A portable phone charger

Even if there are charging tents, nobody wants to waste an hour waiting for their iPhone to charge. Plan ahead and get a portable charger to ensure that you always have a back up when you hit 5% charge.

Save the stage times and schedule

We all take the internet for granted but having a copy of the schedule saved on your phone makes sense. If you want to get really old school, print one out so you’re covered if your phone dies (which it has a 51% chance of doing).


Sure, there’ll be food at the festival but it’s always handy to have a back up supply of chocolate bars or other snacks in your tent for the after hours munchies. In a gang of four lads, at least 75% won't bring any food so they'll probably end up stealing yours.


Bringing black bags means you’ve something to hold your muddy clothes or rubbish when the weekend’s over. They also serve as makeshift campsite mats to sit on if the ground is damp (There's a 78% chance that it will be).

Spare shoes

Wellies are obviously a good idea if it’s looking like rain but spare shoes are a necessity. You've a 41% chance of coming home with trench foot if you wear the same pair of sodden sneakers all weekend.

Extra clothes

Bringing just enough clothes to last the three days might be OK but it’s no harm to prepare for all eventualities. Stash some extras in there and at least you’ll have options. Think 33% extra clothing and you should be sorted!

A re-usable water bottle

You know the way they take the caps from you when you buy a bottle of water? Bringing a reusable bottle to top up at water taps ensures you’ll have something to drink in the morning, which will make your morning 62% better.

All of above will guarantee a 99% more enjoyable weekend.

Brought to you by Bulmers - 100% Irish Cider #StatsDontLie.

For more information on this year's line-up at Body & Soul, check out the website. Don't forget to check out the eclectic acts at this year's Bulmers Lounge. Please drink responsibly.


Brought to you by Bulmers.