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23rd May 2017

If you’re buying a new suit, these five tips will ensure that you look your best

Alan Loughnane


We all need a well-fitting suit…

Suit shopping can be tricky. Trends change so often you can leave yourself with a suit that was ideal for three years ago, but a big no-no at your next wedding.

Buying a new suit is a rite of passage for every man to go through, and most men will remember buying their first suit. But it can be overwhelming for many nowadays with so many options and styles to choose from.

A well-fitting suit is essential. Too big and it’ll hang off your frame making you look smaller and heavier than you actually are. Too small, and you’ll be uncomfortable and people will mostly likely think you look like a douche who wore an extra, extra, extra tight suit on purpose.

No matter what your particular style is, there’s some simple things you can do to ensure you get a suit that fits you perfectly, but is also timeless.

Here at JOE, we don’t want you to be any bit intimidated by the prospect of going suit shopping. It should be a fun experience, not a stressful one. So to make it that little bit easier, Brendan Courtney has provided a handy little guide to buying the perfect suit.

  1. Wear your jacket as fitted as you can, without causing pull at the back.
  2. Wear narrow parallel pants, not super skinny.
  3. Choose the best classic footwear you can afford, brown or black.
  4. Always have a crisp white shirt at hand, it’s the backbone of suit dressing.
  5. Suit dressing is less about trend and more about personal style.

With the help of 6th Sense and professional rugby player John Cooney, Courtney’s five tips will ensure you’re looking your best for your upcoming wedding, the races or whatever other suit-wearing events you decide to attend.

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