Buying or building your first home? Join mortgage master Billy Holland at this essential event 1 year ago

Buying or building your first home? Join mortgage master Billy Holland at this essential event

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Don't miss this if you're buying or building your first home...


Making the decision to buy or build your first home is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter, but it comes with its challenges too.

Whether you're looking for the perfect property or taking on the exciting challenge of a self-build, there's a lot of new information any first-time buyer needs to wrap their head around, from mortgages and legal jargon to the ins and outs of the current property market.

That's why EBS are here to help with this fantastic event for first-time buyers. Their seasoned professionals will answer any questions you might have and all you have to do is sign up for free right here...


Hosted by comedian Eric Lalor, Home Truths with EBS, features the perfect selection of guests giving their expert advice for buying or building a home in Ireland.

Our expert panel includes former Munster rugby player Billy Holland, who will be joining us as an EBS Mortgage Master on the night.

The evening event will see Billy and three experts sharing stories, anecdotes and advice, all with the aim of helping YOU figure out your own mortgage process, how to self-build, and figuring out when is the right time to buy. There will also be first-hand experience from someone who has actually gone through the process recently and who already has their foot on the property ladder.


Our expert panel will also be chatting through sustainable housing and how to make your home more environmentally-friendly, giving you expert advice on everything from BER ratings and insulation, to air and water-heating systems.

And, in the knowledge that some of the best conversations happen over a great meal, the conversation will flow around a table as the four guests speak freely in a relaxed and comfortable environment which allows them to offer up their experience for you to use.

The virtual event takes place from 7pm-8pm on Thursday 7 April and it's specifically designed for first-time buyers and builders.


Our expert panel includes:

  • Comedian Eric Lalor will be hosting the live event, leading the discussion with out expert panel.
  • Former Munster rugby player Billy Holland will be our EBS Mortgage Master on the night, giving loads of helpful advice for first time buyers and builders.
  • Interior Designer, Project Manager and Creative Director Dave O’Brien will be sharing some top interior tips on the evening.
  • Interior Architect Cathy Angelini will be sharing some expert advice for anyone building their first home.
  • Property solicitor Aoife Walsh will be on hand to answer any questions about the buying process and the property market.

The FREE event will be taking place virtually on Zoom and you can attend virtually via a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Once you've reserved your place by filling out the form above, we'll send you full attendance details prior to the event.

First-time buyers will be intrigued, educated AND entertained too! To register your interest, simply fill out the form above.

(Please note: To register your interest for tickets, simply fill in the entry form above. We will be in touch if you are chosen to attend. *Limited to 500 participants*)


Brought to you by EBS