You can now buy a glass igloo for your garden to keep the haters out and the heat in 3 months ago

You can now buy a glass igloo for your garden to keep the haters out and the heat in

Fancy a few drinks out the back?

Feel like getting some deserved peace and quiet?

Need somewhere to send the other half/housemate/family member when they're testing your will to live?

There are infinite reasons why having a separate space to chill in your garden would make life easier.

If you want something a little more boujie than a pop-up tent from Aldi but can't be getting landscapers in, Amazon may have the perfect solution.

The site is selling a glass igloo that you can build yourself - and it looks pretty great to us.

This will be handy coming into summer given the unpredictable nature of our weather but will also be all kinds of awesome to have in the winter months, too.

It won't keep you from view (obviously - it is made of glass) so probably not the best call if you've nosy neighbours, unless you set up an elaborate wall of plants and trees around it. Or if you're into being looked at.

Hey, we're not here to judge!

Thankfully, it's promised to be easy to install and to store away.

Amazon recommends using the igloo as "a space for parents to relax; a children's play area; a greenhouse for plants; a covered space for a jacuzzi"; all of which are fine suggestions.

May we also suggest it as; private meditation chamber; a reading nook; an impressive if slightly exposed spot to bring a date; an all-weather sunbathing space; a place to sit and stare numbly at Instagram until you need to charge your phone; somewhere to force your dog to bond with you when all he wants to do is run away from you.

The igloo has a 3.4 star rating but at £849 (around €983), it's more of an investment than an impulse buy.