Cork ice-cream makers create Glow-In-The-Dark ice-cream 4 years ago

Cork ice-cream makers create Glow-In-The-Dark ice-cream

Proceeds from the sales of the ice-cream will go to victims of the Chernobyl disaster.

Award-winning artisan ice cream producer Miceál O’Hurley and his wife Oksana Shadrina have been heavily involved in innovative ice cream creations, as well as being heavily involved in charity causes.


You might remember their parlour Fantastic Flavours, in Youghal in Cork, creating the ice-cream pasta, or getting in contact with Tom Hanks to create a short Toy Story movie for the 9-year-old twins from Cork who have endured serious surgeries and difficult health challenges.

With their latest creation, the Chernobyl Chunk, they are hoping to push the worlds of ice-cream innovation and charity work together.

The recipe uses all natural ingredients including lemon curd and real meringue pieces, and its creators told us how it all came about.

"Following the international recognition of the devastation done to Ukraine during the Chernobyl Disaster as depicted in the HBO series Chernobyl my wife Oksana, who is originally from Ukraine, wanted to use the heightened awareness to benefit the victims of the radiation," said Miceál.


"So, I dug into my old recipe books and found and old recipe I once used to make ice cream that glows in the dark and Chernobyl Chunk was created."

"The glowing effect comes from using a bit of tonic water. Trace amounts of quinine in tonic water naturally glow in the dark" added Oksana.

"The result is an all-natural, handmade, artisanal ice cream that glows in the dark, tastes great and the proceeds of which will benefit victims of the Chernobyl Disaster."

"I had family that worked in Pripyat, the town where Chernobyl workers lived,," said Oksana. "Sadly, some of them died prematurely."


For more information on Fantastic Flavours and their creations, head to their official website right here.