Doctor reveals why couples should always sleep in separate beds 1 year ago

Doctor reveals why couples should always sleep in separate beds

Those who snooze together, lose together - apparently.

A doctor on TikTok has surprised viewers by claiming that couples should never sleep together; instead he insists that only by snoozing alone can you guarantee a deep and refreshing night's sleep.


Posting under the handle @Dr.Karanr, Dr Karan Rajan is a certified medical professional, NHS surgeon and lecturer at the University of Sunderland who also dishes out handy health and wellbeing tips through his social media channels.

However one of his most recent videos has got viewers talking, as he attempts to get in between the sheets of the sleeping patterns of couples across the world.

"You should always sleep alone," he says, starting a video which has already gathered more than 25,000 likes and 400 comments.

"If the other person moves around in their sleep or snores, that'll stop you getting into the deep stages of sleep your body needs to recharge, affecting sleep quality.


Watch the full clip below:

@dr.karanrSLEEP DIVORCE♬ original sound - Dr Karan Raj

"Not everyone shares the same sleep cycles," continues Dr Rajan, doubling down on his bedtime hypothesis.

"Forcing two people to share the same bed time will leave one or both chronically sleep deprived."


The TikTok doc goes on to explain that one of the main triggers required to fall asleep is a lower body temperature and by sharing your bed with your partner, you'll actually be driving that temperature up. In turn, this will take you longer to drift off.

"So this is why you should always sleep alone," he concludes.

Naturally, those in the comment section were quick to offer their own personal experiences, with many agreeing with the doctor's advice.

"My husband and I have totally different sleep schedules and styles. We have slept separately for 8 years. Love it!," said one user.


"My bf &I have deliberately chosen separate rooms. I'm a night owl insomniac & he's cutting logs as a grizzly bear. I still hear him from my room," offered another, for whom sleeping in separate rooms appears to be a noise-escaping necessity.

Meanwhile, others seem to prefer being close to the comfort and security of their partner:

"Husband sleeps hot and warm but honestly that makes me feel safe. I love knowing he's right beside me," said a third.

Another added: "I understand. I really do. but I have traumatic nightmares and he's gotta sleep with me."