Crystal Ski Holidays' Top 10 reasons to go Skiing this winter 8 years ago

Crystal Ski Holidays' Top 10 reasons to go Skiing this winter

For anyone who asks why we ski, why skiers would go out in the blistering cold and why we would spend serious dough to risk injury on snow here's 10 very good reasons.

1. Winter is the longest season – fact! And a sure way to break the winter monotony is a day on the snowy slopes. Of course, then you risk getting powder flu which is highly contagious.


2. Everyone looks better in a ski suit than a swim suit. You can hide your pale, underexercised body in a snowsuit but the same can’t be said for Speedos. Plus you can do your best 'Stupid sexy Flanders' impression.

3. Skiing takes you to new heights – literally. Chairlifts deliver a bird’s eye view of beautiful mountains and landscapes – and no extra walking! Always a fan here of sports that don’t encourage additional work outs.

4. Unlike mountain biking, hiking and swimming, snow is very clean on contact – which we strongly encourage as looking trendy of the slopes helps you later in the bars.


5. Skiing is a huge calorie burner! Its great physical activity, consuming up to 700 calories an hour – that beats hitting the gym any day in our book.

6. Skiing can be enjoyed with family or friends – we don’t recommend bring your elderly grandparent, if they beat you down the run you will never hear the end of it.

7. Skiing is a holiday that you will repeat again and again – we have never heard anyone complain – ‘Oh no, Andorra again this year is it!’

8. Skiing is a great sport to meet people, particularly the opposite sex. Name another activity that allows you to shout “Single” in the line and potentially find a match – without strange looks!


9. Skiing has no speed limits, first time skiers take note this is not an encouragement, although you are sure to read it that way!

10. You can’t après ski until you have skied… Two Jäger bombs please.

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