David Beckham gets paid a stupid amount of money for his sponsored Instagram posts 4 years ago

David Beckham gets paid a stupid amount of money for his sponsored Instagram posts

Nice work if you can get it.

David Beckham has had a fairly good life.


He played for Manchester United, and won everything under the sun.

He put in two crosses for perhaps the two most iconic goals in the history of the Manchester club.

After a successful period with United, he signed for Spanish giants Real Madrid.

He then played for LA Galaxy and lived the life out there, before moving to Paris to finish his career.


As we said, fairly good life.

On top of all of that, he is an absolutely beautiful specimen who is adored by millions of people.

He can boast a healthy 49 million followers on Instagram, and got 1.7 million likes on his most recent picture of himself.

Not bad at all.


If you want to see Beckham's Instagram to decide if you think he's worth it, just click here...

The Instagram scheduling tool Hopper analysed internal and public data to reveal the highest paid stars on highest stars on Instagram.

Hopper revealed that Beckham earns a ridiculous $300,000 per sponsored post.

He shares promoted posts from brands such as Adidas and TUDOR watches. All because he used to be really good at crossing the ball...


And as incredible as this is, his Insta-earnings pale in comparison to that of Kylie Jenner, who is said to receive one million dollars for every sponsored post she puts up.

Hopper also claim that Ireland's own Conor McGregor gets around $125,000 for his sponsored posts. Based on recent form, his dad should be on double that. Although we doubt we'd be too happy to deal with all of the coinage.