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11th Mar 2019

Son posts on Twitter to say nobody was coming to his dad’s doughnut shop, internet reacts accordingly

Rudi Kinsella

donut shop twitter

Sometimes social media can actually be used for good…

As hard as it is to believe, social media occasionally can be used for doing something positive.

It’s not all just bickering and fighting, every now and again we get a reminder that there are actually some good people in the world.

So on this Monday, let’s just take a look at a story that should definitely cheer you up, and perhaps even restore your faith in humanity.

Over the weekend, one Twitter user posted online that his father had opened up a doughnut shop, and that he was sad that nobody was going.

He shared pictures of the inside of the shop, and it looked pretty great, and his dad did look quite upset…

People in the area responded to the tweet promising that they would come down to the shop, and they did just that.

So much so that the shop completely sold out, and we even got a far happier picture of his dad.

A local radio station even popped down to the shop to document the success.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go get some doughnuts…

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