Drunk man buys a gigantic Pokémon after having a few, epic quest to get Snorlax delivered starts 4 years ago

Drunk man buys a gigantic Pokémon after having a few, epic quest to get Snorlax delivered starts

Be honest, you know someone exactly like this.

If anyone tells you that their judgement is always crystal clear after having a few, you can politely turn around and call them a liar.


Whether or not it's forgetting your keys, falling asleep on the ride home, or drunk dialling your best friend, nobody's perfect after a night on the beer.

This being said, as always, please drink responsibly.

On this note, a man named Callum Underwood woke up to see a very interesting transaction on his bank balance because after heading out for a few brews, he decided that it would be a good idea to order a gigantic Snorlax while drinking with colleagues in San Francisco, which is where he had been at the time for work.

Originally from Newcastle, Mr Underwood decided to fork out £200 to buy the gigantic Pokémon teddy. As you do.


After realising that it was going to cost £800 to ship the teddy back to Newcastle, he decided to ask Twitter for help.

Just look at the size of that monster.

This teddy could genuinely crush a small child!

Rather than be perturbed, Callum persevered and for the best part of a month, Snorlax travelled around from state to state, airport to airport.


Callum could have just decided to gut Snorlax and remove the fluff - that's genuinely the stuff of nightmares for young children - but he committed to the challenge of getting his cuddly Pokémon delivered to England.

After applying plenty of elbow grease, he managed to compress Snorlax into a box that the airlines deemed acceptable as luggage.

Ultimately, was it worth the effort?

Well, let's just say that Callum will be sleeping better now because he has a gigantic f**king teddy that's bigger than some apartments in Dublin beloved Pokémon in his room.


Next time, maybe he should just order a Dominos instead?