There is a Great Gatsby-style masquerade ball taking place in Dublin this month 4 years ago

There is a Great Gatsby-style masquerade ball taking place in Dublin this month

Time for a sexy party!

Sexy parties are like buses. You wait ages for one to come, and then they all come at once.


Hot on the heels of the announcement of an exclusive sex party taking place in Laois next month, we have details of a less explicit, but no less sexy, masquerade ball taking place in Dublin later this month.

Speaking to JOE, the organisers have described it as "a little bit Labyrinth, a little bit Marie Antoinette, bits of Eyes Wide Shut and lots of 80's".

Sounds pretty awesome, if you ask us.

Taking place on Saturday 12 May in Dublin's RDS, the entire venue will be transformed for the night to become MASQUARADE, where we're told "Anything can happen and usually does."


On the night, there will be a confection of bouncing Cancan girls, artful aerial dancers, porcelain ballerina, dazzling LED performers, Venetian vixens, and avant-garde surprise performances, with the music on the night provided by a healthy mix of DJs and live acts, and is described as ranging "from Disco Queens to Madonna, Baroque and roll to Queen, New Romantics to Electroswing, and [our] signature modern-era songs with a bygone-era twist."

This is sounding more and more like a party at The Great Gatsby's house.

There is a dress code, with face-masks strictly in place until midnight, and is to be matched by your fanciest or wildest attire.

For more details, head here, and for tickets for the event can be purchased right here.