Five top tips for buying the perfect engagement ring this festive season 8 months ago

Five top tips for buying the perfect engagement ring this festive season

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Christmas shopping can be stressful, especially when finding that special piece of jewellery

Back in 2015, Facebook revealed that Christmas Eve was the most popular day of the year for couples to get engaged, followed by Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

In fact, of 2.5 million Facebook users surveyed, one third had gotten hitched between November and December. Numbers don’t lie, the festive period is the best time of year to agree upon tying the knot.

But any big event like this comes with lots of little stresses. When exactly will you pop the question? Will you drop down on one knee? 

And most importantly of all, what about the ring? For some, this can be the most stressful part of it all. You know how crazy shops can be around Christmas time!

Follow our simple tips if you want more than just bells ringing this December.

Don’t shop during peak times

Whatever you do, don’t turn up to a shopping centre on Black Friday expecting to arrive home with a ring. Chances are you’ll end up so jaded that you’ll arrive home empty handed, reconsidering if you want to get married at all.

Hit the shops at an off peak time. If you work 9-5, consider booking a day off and using the morning to get it done. Having a day set aside might make a good deadline, a time by which you’ll absolutely have to buy something.

Do your research

What kind of wedding rings are people wearing these days? Just like other accessories, engagement rings go in and out of fashion over time. There are lots of different types, all of which are stocked at Voltaire Diamonds.

Find out where your nearest ring-selling stores are. Figure out what your budget is and what’s available in that price range. Map a route around them to make the most of your time. 

Keep your partner in mind

When you’re picking out that special ring, bear in mind who’s going to be wearing it for the rest of their lives (well for the foreseeable future at least). Can you ask some questions about what kind of rings they like without them getting suspicious?

Consider asking their friends and family too, they might have a better idea of what they’d want. Pick a ring that suits their style and one that fits them too!

Ask for help from shop assistants

Most jewellery shop staff have knowledge of all things about rings. Get their advice, they’ll know what all the store favourites are and all the maintenance tips. If you’re nice, they might even agree to hand model while you choose.

Keep it hidden

If you’re having the traditional ‘surprise your partner with a ring’ type of engagement, this bit is particularly important. Find somewhere where they won’t stumble upon it and ruin the surprise. 

Located on King Street South, Voltaire Diamonds offers the finest of diamond rings without the cost of high street shops. Get in contact today to see how they can help you choose the perfect engagement ring.

Brought to you by Voltaire Diamonds