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Fans of Breaking Bad will want this board game - Methopoly
If only the Parker Brothers would make this boardgame the real deal…we can dream

If only the Parker Brothers would make this boardgame the real deal…we can dream

by Genna Patterson

Breaking Bad is an extremely exciting show, as fans can attest to. Listen to any colleagues at the water cooler/tea station and you’ll hear them waffling on about ‘Walt this’ and ‘Jesse that.’ So it seems only right that a fan of the show has gone to great lengths to create a Monopoly-based game, called Methopoly.

Eli Cash sent the images into entertainment website, made by Joanne Silverman on Photoshop. The aim of the game is to “to become Heisenberg, run your own Meth empire, and dissolve all your opponents in Hydrofluoric Acid.” Great family fun altogether. We can see Granny Maguire getting very competitive with this one.

The properties available to buy in Methopoly include Tuco’s Shack, Hector’s Nursing Home, Old Joe’s Junkyard, Vamoon’s Pest Control, Madrigal Electromotive and, of course, Los Pollos Hermanos. The good news is you can actually download the game for free from here and paste it over your old Monopoly board, if you don't mind the 'home-made' look.

Also, apparently someone made a Lostopoly too..


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