Father Damo to host a live virtual Father Ted quiz this weekend 2 years ago

Father Damo to host a live virtual Father Ted quiz this weekend

If one of the questions isn’t ‘Who do you prefer, Oasis or Blur?’, we’ll be very disappointed.

At this stage, we’ve all become used to lockdown and the need to be creative when it comes to seeking entertainment from the comfort of our own homes, particularly at weekends.


With that in mind, the many Father Ted fans among you will be glad to know that this weekend, Joe Rooney, Father Damo Lennon himself, will be hosting a live virtual Father Ted quiz to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary this week.

Organised by Ticketless.ie, Joe Rooney will be hosting the quiz, titled ‘Is there anything to be said for another quiz?’ live from his very own living room at 8pm this Saturday night (25 April).

It’s the perfect post-dinner activity for Damo, who will no doubt be having said meal at home rather than in Ted’s or Frosty’s due to social distancing guidelines.

The quiz costs €3 to enter and tickets are available here. Facebook Live details along with answer submission sheets will be sent to everyone who purchases a ticket and there will be prizes up for grabs on the night.


If you’re looking to get some practise in before Saturday night, there’s no better place to start than our own bumper Father Ted quiz, which features a question on every single one of the 25 episodes of the show ever made.

Try it for yourself right here.