The favourite takeaway dishes for every county in the country have been revealed 1 year ago

The favourite takeaway dishes for every county in the country have been revealed

Mayo for pizza!

Ask anyone, literally any person at random on any street in any part of the country, where the best takeaway is, and they'll have an opinion.


Without a second's hesitation, they'll have the answer ready to go, as if they've been waiting their whole lives for someone, anyone, to ask them the question.

However - HOWEVER! - get a group of people into one room, and ask them if they want to order food in, and all sense of decision goes right out the window.

You know that argument you have with people when you say you're ordering in a pizza and a three-hour debate begins on what toppings should go on it? Imagine that, but about every cuisine in the world. You might as well end the night then and there, because no decision about food is going to be made.

That is because we all have our favourite kind of takeaway, and on any given night, that might change, because maybe tonight we want a different kind of takeaway.

Well, according to Just Eat's recent findings, we love pizza. And we love Chinese food.

In fact, only three of the 26 counties listed didn't have pizza or Chinese food as their top pick.

Also, as part of the same findings, Just Eat say that there are 3.8 spicebags ordered in Ireland every single minute. Every. Single. Minute. That is over 5,400 spicebags a day. That is a lot of spicebags, Ireland.


You can check out each county's top five cuisines right here, or if you just wanna see the top spot for them all, we've handily listed them all out for you right here:

  • Carlow - Chinese
  • Cavan - Pizza
  • Clare - Pizza
  • Cork - Pizza
  • Donegal - Chinese
  • Dublin - Chinese
  • Galway - Chinese
  • Kerry - Pizza
  • Kildare - Chinese
  • Kilkenny - Pizza
  • Laois - Pizza
  • Leitrim - Indian
  • Limerick - Pizza
  • Longford - Pizza
  • Louth - Pizza
  • Mayo - Pizza
  • Meath - Chinese
  • Monaghan - Kebab
  • Offaly - Pizza
  • Roscommon - Pizza
  • Sligo - Turkish
  • Tipperary - Pizza
  • Waterford - Pizza
  • Westmeath - Pizza
  • Wexford - Pizza
  • Wicklow - Chinese

Anyone else suddenly very hungry?