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05th Oct 2018

First Dates’ Ethan Miles on how to prep your beard for a date


Beard for a date

Brought to you by Just For Men

“Real men don’t chase.”

Making a good first impression is rarely as daunting as it is on a first date. For those of us who have facial hair, it can either help or hinder our efforts.

In association with Just For Men, we spoke to Ethan Miles of First Dates Ireland about how the key to looking your best is to not overdo it.

Keep it clean

This one is true for all beard styles, but particularly for those with longer facial hair. It’s common enough to go through your entire day without noticing you have a blob of scrambled egg nesting in your beard since breakfast time.

“Some of us are follicly blessed, others less so. The common denominator is cleanliness,” he says.

“The most important thing is daily upkeep, so that means using a comb. What happens when you have long hair is that you might end up with food or something stuck in there, and your date might say something.”

Don’t go to a messy restaurant

When it comes to picking where you want to go for a meal on a first date, “chicken wings are a no-no. So is soup,” according to Ethan.

We’ve already talked about how easy it is to get food stuck in your beard, so your best bet is to avoid foods that cause a mess at the best of times. Something dribble-free like steak or even sushi would be good options over a bowl of chicken wings doused in buffalo sauce and blue cheese.

Don’t change your style

While you might think you need to don your Sunday best to stand a chance of impressing your date, you needn’t worry too much. If you feel comfortable with your beard’s look, don’t go changing it to please someone else.

“If it isn’t something you like or would normally wear, don’t. It isn’t a job interview,” he says.

Remember, there’s more to you than your facial hair

It’s all well and good showing up with a perfectly manicured beard, but you won’t be talking to anyone about second dates if that’s the only thing you have going for yourself.

“There has to be more behind the beard. Whatever style it is, it should be a beard with personality. You have to rock it,” he says.

Less is more

“I don’t like to mess with my hair too much. If you do, it will just becomes too shiny. The most important thing is daily upkeep, so with that I mean keep it clean,” he says.

Use the right products, like Just For Men, but in the right amounts as well. “I’ve had long hair for a long time. I dabble in using different oils, and I also use a beard balm.”

Always make sure your facial hair looks its best, whether it’s your first or 100th date. Just For Men Moustache & Beard is available in leading pharmacies nationwide in the shades of Light Brown, Medium Brown, & Dark Brown. Follow their Facebook for more.

Brought to you by Just For Men

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