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08th Aug 2019

Galwegians! Fancy hopping into a sumo suit this weekend?


Brought to you by Club Zero & Subway Ireland

There will also be a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan

You’ve had a stressful week. Work has been an absolute nightmare, payday isn’t for another couple of weeks, and just to make things worse- there’s rain forecast for the weekend.

Now I guess you’re used to the typical recommendations for brightening up a weekend like this. Binge watch a series on Netflix, head to a cosy pub with friends, etc. However here’s something a little more random for you to try out.

Subway and Club Zero will be taking over Spanish Arch in Galway City with a very special event on Saturday, 10 August. From 12-3pm, they’ll be celebrating Japanese culture with a super fun event involving sumo suits.

Yes, sumo suits.

The #GoBigInJapan sumo wrestling roadshow will be arriving, giving you the chance to take out all that pent up energy with some friendly sumo suit fighting. It’ll involve some free Subway and limited-edition Club Zero Orange, as well as details on how to win a trip to Japan.

All you need to enter the competition is a registered Subcard, and the winner will be chosen on Sunday, 18 August.

It’s totally fine with us if you want to unofficially refer to that part of town as “Japanese Arch” for the day.

The Club range has always been renowned for its superior taste and texture (the ‘bits’) and the range now includes a variety of flavours in Zero Sugar: Super Split, Orange, Rock Shandy, and the new Lemon. For more information about Club Zero check out the Club Facebook page.

Brought to you by Club Zero & Subway Ireland

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