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We all have off-days. Days when the ol' brain hasn't quite kicked into gear yet.

Unfortunately for Twitter user @sandalshagger, he decided to make a statement on one of those days. It's January, the month where everyone looks forward to the year ahead, back to the year just gone, and in the case of the presidential inauguration, literally anywhere else.

In an attempt to get things into perspective, @sandalshagger tweeted the following:

Now this tweet has two rather glaring errors in it. First, "let that sink" is not a thing anyone says, unless you are commanding someone to rent out a piece of their bathroom. Second, and perhaps most glaringly, a kid born in 2005 will be 12 this year, not 20.

Fair enough, maths isn't everyone's strong suit - it's a forgivable mistake. If this didn't happen on the internet, it would have been glossed over in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately for @sandalshagger, this is the internet.

So naturally, everyone took the piss.



Eventually he realised his error. Or was he just trolling us, and now simply revelling in his success? We just don't know.

What we do know is that 2017 - 2005 is definitely not 20.

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