Happy Birthday The Rock: Here’s a look at why Dwayne Johnson made headlines on JOE over the past year 7 years ago

Happy Birthday The Rock: Here’s a look at why Dwayne Johnson made headlines on JOE over the past year

If there’s one thing that we know our readers love it’s Dwayne Johnson, so we’ve decided to take a look back at why The Rock made headlines on JOE over the past year.

First up, The Rock isn’t your average Joe Soap who lazes around the house all day and his birthday is no different. So instead of blowing out candles and stuffing his face with birthday breakfast bacon, he was down at the gym pumping iron before heading to work on set where he does his own stunts…


This week, The Rock, along with some other WWE Superstars, tweeted support to Oscar Knox, an incredibly brave five-year-old from Antrim who has been battling a rare form of childhood cancer for several years.

Dwayne, being the legend he is, also recently tweeted a stay strong message to another Irish cancer patient, former Belvedere College and DCU student, Marc Owens.


When he’s not tweeting messages of support to his loyal fans, the Big Man is more than happy to stop for a quick photo, like the time he ran into former Cork GAA player Ciaran Sheehan.

Earlier this year we saw the first glimpse of The Rock as Hercules and he looked absolutely beastly. If not a little bit scary.

But as the man himself will tell you, you don’t get a body like The Rock’s by eating 12 massive pancakes, four double dough pizza and 21 brownies… Oh, wait…


One fan of The Rock named Matt Stonie even tried to eat the ‘legendary cheat day meal’ as fast as he could… Stonie is a competitive eater after all.

Last year he tweeted out this incredible picture that showed us just how ridiculously defined his massive arms are and it made us feel like little weak girls in just a matter of seconds.


In fairness, The Rock trains hard in order to maintain his massive arms, but he can have a laugh too, even when he’s working on set or working out in the gym.

Finally, we all know and love the man for his time in the ring so we’ll leave you with a look at The Rock on his wrestling debut along with some of the best People’s Elbows and Rock Bottoms that have ever been recorded…



Happy Birthday, Dwayne! You legend...