The Hardy Bucks have just announced a big Dublin show 5 years ago

The Hardy Bucks have just announced a big Dublin show

The Hardy Bucks are back to bring a slice of Mayo to the big smoke.

Everyone's favourite band of merry misfits from Mayo are back on the road again and are coming to Dublin. It's the return of The Hardy Bucks but, this time, they are more skint than ever.


They've had their TV series, they've had their movie and now they are back to unleash themselves live upon the people of Dublin.

Eddie still dreams of getting rich and this time he might have his best idea yet! Buzz, Boo and Frenchtoast are happy to follow his lead, they’ve nothing else to do. Salmon hops onboard too for good luck.

They've called this show 'Appetite for The Session' and it is a live theatrical show featuring the core cast members of Hardy Bucks.

Hardy Bucks


Vicar Street is the venue and it will take place on 22 April, with tickets going on sale from usual outlets this Friday morning.

A brutally honest yet hilarious portrayal of quiet life in rural Mayo, the Bucks now in their mid-30s need to come to grips with age, forcing them to reflect on their lifestyle choices, whilst delving into the importance of a lasting friendship.

Lamenting the past and exploring the future, the audience is taken on a journey through the highs and lows of Castletown life. A potent brew of music, drama and stand-up comedy guaranteed to make you laugh and/or wince and writhe in disgust.

Now that the lads seem to be active again, you can keep up to date on their movements, by checking out their Facebook page right here.