This little glitch in Google Translate may annoy the flat-Earthers out there 1 year ago

This little glitch in Google Translate may annoy the flat-Earthers out there

It's not a direct translation, but it makes a load of sense.

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory to flip the world on its head. At the same time, most of us would have a pretty low level of tolerance for the theorists themselves. Whether you're talking about Alex Jones, Jim Corr or the US President, they've pack a certain level of entertainment value, before either they become downright offensive or idiotic in their ramblings.

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Google appeared to share this view too, after an error resulted in what looked like a pretty sly way of poking fun at the Flat Earthers, otherwise known as those people who think that the globalists are covering up the fact that the world is flat, despite the fact that hiding such information stands to benefit them in no apparent way at all.

Seriously, why would you need to withhold that information? Just to make the route for planes a little bit more difficult?

You may have spotted the glitch if you were trying to speak a bit of French and just so happened to be a flat-earther.

If you attempt to translate "I am a flat-Earther" into French, you end up getting "Je suis un fou", and as anyone who paid attention in French classes might notice, "fou" does not quite mean "flat-Earther."

Actually, it means "I am a crazy person," although in a sense, that seems perfectly fitting.

And there you have it. While the conspiracy theorists might be convinced that the government is out to get them, here is proof that a Google algorithim certainly is. It's just not as malicious as they would have hoped.

A spokesperson for Google explained the error to JOE, saying: "Translate works by learning patterns from many millions of examples of translations seen out on the web. Unfortunately, some of those patterns can lead to incorrect translations. The error has been reported and we are working on a fix."