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25th Oct 2021

Man under house arrest begs to be sent to prison as he ‘couldn’t stand his wife’

Kieran Galpin

The gentleman also broke the rules of his house arrest.

Some marriages can be a chore and no one knows that better than a man under house arrest in Italy who begged police to serve the rest of his sentence in prison because he “couldn’t stand his wife”.

A 30-year-old Albanian man, who has not yet been identified, marched himself to the police station in the hope that he could escape his spouse.

Local Italian media say that the man, who was under house arrest due to drug-related crimes, walked down to the police station on Saturday evening, 23 October.

There, he requested that he be sent to prison – which paints a pretty dire situation at home.

The gentleman was under house arrest for the duration of his sentence but pleaded with officials to allow him to spend the rest of his sentence banged-up inside, reports Il Messagero.

Oddly enough, the authorities listened and the man was transferred to prison from his home in Guidonia, a town outside of Rome.

However, the police didn’t transfer him because they felt for his difficult situation but instead because he broke the terms of his house arrest.

It has not yet been disclosed whether the gentleman will serve a longer sentence following his breaking of the rules.

“He lived at home with his wife and family. It wasn’t going well anymore,” a police official told AFP.

Police also confirmed that he had numerous years of his sentence left, which he will now serve in prison.

The husband and wife probably need to figure out their differences before he is released in a few years time.

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