International Podcast Day is a thing, so here's the top 20 most popular podcasts right now 5 years ago

International Podcast Day is a thing, so here's the top 20 most popular podcasts right now

14 years later, the humble podcast has become a pop culture juggernaut.

Everyone has a favourite podcast.


Hell, everyone practically has their own podcast - including this writer, hey, do you like music? - as the 'listening to a radio show that's not on the radio at your own leisure' craze takes over society.

Despite a recent-ish spike in popularity, podcasts have been around for 14 years.

This Sunday - 30 September - marks International Podcast Day, so it's time to celebrate.

Now in its second year, the Dublin Podcast Festival will be well underway by Sunday, and this year's line-up of live shows is pretty eclectic across the board.


You've got Rubber Bandits main man and social commentator Blind Boy taking over Vicar Street for two nights, Irish language enthusiasm project Motherfoclóir taking to the stage and also a live turn from award-winning music show NO ENCORE, which is worth a listen.

So, how big are podcasts, then? Glad you asked, reader.

Twitter has done some research and found that there have been over 24 million tweets about podcasts in 2018 alone, which represents a 40% increase on last year.

But the big story is, of course, a list of the 20 most popular podcasts in the world right now.


The criteria for said list is 'global mentions', so you know it's legit.

And that list looks like this:

1. The Adventure Zone

2. The Joe Rogan Experience


3. Planet Money

4. My Brother, My Brother and Me

5. Fresh Air

6. This American Life

7. Nerdcast


8. The Daily

9. Freakonomics

10. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!

11. Serial

12. Radiolab

13. Up First

14. TED Radio Hour

15. S-Town

16. Up and Vanished

17. In the Dark

18. Dibradoras

19. In Our Time

20. Naruhodo