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04th Jul 2018

Ireland has opened its first ever drive-thru Starbucks

Rudi Kinsella


Coffee on the go.

We have no shortages of Starbucks in Ireland, but this is definitely a first.

The biggest coffee chain in the world have opened up a drive-thru store in Shannon, for when you’re really in a rush.

We can picture this catching on all around the country.

The store is located in Shannon Free Zone, which is one of Ireland’s biggest industrial parks.

The drive-thru opened on Tuesday, and we won’t be one bit surprised if it’s the first of many.

Ray O’Driscoll, managing director of Shannon Commercial Properties, said:

“We are currently working on the biggest investment programme of the millennium years in the Shannon Free Zone.”

“We’re developing world-class property solutions and providing facilities for amenities such as Starbucks is a key part of our redevelopment strategy.”

The store will also feature outdoor seating if you’re not in a mad rush, but we think the drive-thru is the best thing about this place.

An airport and a drive-thru Starbucks? That’s just cheating, Shannon.

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