Irish healthcare company unveils brand new itchy scalp solution 1 week ago

Irish healthcare company unveils brand new itchy scalp solution

Brought to you by Clonmel Healthcare

Great news if you've got a flaky or itchy scalp.


Are you ever embarrassed when you realise you've got white specks of flaky scalp all over your top? Do you purposefully not wear dark clothes for the same reason? Or do you constantly have an itchy, irritated head?

We might have something that could help...

Irish company Clonmel Healthcare have recently launched Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic, a new solution for soothing scalp itch and irritation.

It's made up of all-natural ingredients for extra hydration, and it also has some anti-bacterial properties that can help with more severe cases as well.

You can apply it as needed to wet or dry hair and it's a non-greasy formula, so no one's going to notice it when you're out and about.

And in some brilliant bonus news, this new tonic can be safely used with all your usual hair styling products too, so you won't have to start chucking out all the products from your bathroom cabinet either!


We can't do anything about your deodorant choice though, sorry.

If you think your scalp could do with a bit of TLC, you can pick up Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic at your local pharmacy.

Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic improves the feeling of your scalp using a complex of natural ingredients derived from magnolia and cactus plant extract to soothe and moisturise a dry scalp.

The innovative applicator allows easy and precise application on the scalp. Apply twice a day or as required directly onto dry or wet scalp and massage gently. Do not rinse. Always read the label.


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Brought to you by Clonmel Healthcare